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Every detail of Eberly is thoughtfully composed to highlight its ageless beauty, which is why it was important to compliment their space with an audiovisual system design that performs flawlessly while also being discrete. Whether you’re listening to vinyl collections from their customized Shinola record player or from their carefully curated playlists, the audio system was designed to surround and travel with the listener, creating an engaging and charming environment.

Each room has its own individual surfaces, symmetry, and aesthetic purpose. Werd skillfully designed an audio package that matched the criteria for each room, while also tuning each room according to its respective environment.

Eberly is a uniquely diverse restaurant, bar, and event space. With over 15,000 square feet and two floors, Werd was tasked to create an AV infrastructure flexible enough to accommodate each zone (Dinning, Library, Cedar Tavern, Private Dining Room, Bathroom, and upstairs Event Space) with their own discrete sources and iPad control. Each room can act independently or be grouped together for special events.

Eberly continues to deliver beyond its expectations. Year over year, Eberly has seen an increase in revenue from event rentals, and was recently awarded Austin Chronicle’s 2019 Critics Pick “Best Violet Crown Serenade” for their music series benefiting the SIMS Foundation. After implementation of the AV system, Werd continued to administer integral technical and event support; providing the audience with the best interactive experiences.



Scope - Designed and executed an automated AV 70V audio system as well as implemented WiFi integration and management within each zone.

Cross-functional Collaboration - Strategized with the architect, GC, and client to develop the logistics of implementation

Technical Design - Designed a multi-zone and multi-input system for audio with customized input and output ports along with a complete WiFi network with private and guest access, POS IP setup, remote management, and live stream capabilities.

Programming - Network and systems integrations, management, system tuning, and controller setup



Architect - Clayton & Little Architects
Prime Contractor - Icon Design Build
Interior Designer - Mickey Spencer
Automation Partner - Precision Home Automation



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