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Once a bustling East Austin machine shop producing aircraft parts to help support the Allied forces during WW2, Central Machine Works is now a modern day brewery, restaurant and event space. Opening its doors in the fall of 2019, the space has retained many of the aesthetics of its hardworking, industrial past while keeping in line with the look and feel of a contemporary brewhouse and eatery.

By working closely with the Central Machine Works design and operations teams, Werd designed and implemented a custom AV system and network infrastructure able to handle both daily activities and events - while also providing the groundwork for system expansion. Drawing on Werd’s background in event AV, speakers were routed into multiple zones to provide the flexibility that a modern event space requires, and controlled by an easy-to-use touchscreen system. Central Machine Works is also able to modify their digital signage by simply uploading their designs to a user-friendly interface. All in all, the system provides maximum flexibility with minimum visibility.

The establishment sought to be able to house a wide array of events including art shows, weddings, concerts, and corporate events. When the management needs a bit of assistance on a more complex event, the Werd team is always ready to help out by providing technicians and any additional equipment that an event may require.
YETI holds a strong vision of how the customer should experience their brand; not only from its daily operations, but also with its special events with the purpose to give back to the community. Werd specifically designed, integrated, and installed the audiovisual system with the objective to meet these needs, as well as providing continued maintenance and support through remote AV management and staffing for live events.

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Every detail of Eberly is thoughtfully composed to highlight its ageless beauty, which is why it was important to compliment their space with an audiovisual system design that performs flawlessly while also being discrete. Whether you’re listening to vinyl collections from their customized Shinola record player or from their carefully curated playlists, the audio system was designed to surround and travel with the listener, creating an engaging and charming environment.

Each room has its own individual surfaces, symmetry, and aesthetic purpose. Werd skillfully designed an audio package that matched the criteria for each room, while also tuning each room according to its respective environment.

Eberly is a uniquely diverse restaurant, bar, and event space. With over 15,000 square feet and two floors, Werd was tasked to create an AV infrastructure flexible enough to accommodate each zone (Dinning, Library, Cedar Tavern, Private Dining Room, Bathroom, and upstairs Event Space) with their own discrete sources and iPad control. Each room can act independently or be grouped together for special events.

Eberly continues to deliver beyond its expectations. Year over year, Eberly has seen an increase in revenue from event rentals, and was recently awarded Austin Chronicle’s 2019 Critics Pick “Best Violet Crown Serenade” for their music series benefiting the SIMS Foundation. After implementation of the AV system, Werd continued to administer integral technical and event support; providing the audience with the best interactive experiences.

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Haute Spot has set the bar for entertainment and corporate programming in Cedar Park, quickly establishing itself as one of the top venues in Central Texas. The key to success for any modern venue, especially one that aims to serve a broad and diverse clientele, is versatility. The venue was designed to support a myriad of uses, from private or corporate events to ticketed entertainment programs. With this in mind, we designed and installed a powerful, multi-zone and multi-input audiovisual system able to be easily operated by venue staff and meet the needs of corporate brands and touring bands.

Aside from the commercial AV/IT infrastructure, Werd also designed and installed the infrastructure for the concert stage. While consulting on the stage’s renovation, we utilized the venue's existing stock of production gear, while adding vital components to future proof and expand its production capabilities. This revamp in design allows the venue to be able to meet the needs for audio, video, and lighting components for both regional and national touring acts.

Flexibility was of utmost importance to this design, so we incorporated Cat6 and BNC lines connecting the stage to the IT room, which provides the ability to set up concert audio, lighting, and video control consoles in various locations throughout the venue. Haute Spot is ready to support anything from a small gathering featuring a DJ as entertainment, to a full-fledged live stream/broadcast concert with the video feed being tied into the venue’s displays.

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Native Hostel purveyed a new breed of hostels when it combined affordable accommodations with modern design and entertaining experiences. Werd was challenged to turn a century-plus old building into an interactive multi-faceted space without damaging or taking away from the original structure.

Within Native is a hostel, bar, and event space in which Werd skillfully designed an infrastructure and integrated component system that is easy and accessible for a 24/7 staff. Within the veins of Werd chants the mantra of ‘room-to-grow,’ so scalability and future-proofing was at the forefront of the design process.

Through close collaboration with the owners and construction teams, Werd was able to navigate the challenges from conception through execution that arise from working within a historic building. The end result is a compartmentalized space that has become a hotspot for leisure and business-minded people alike, while accommodating major brands for activations during international festivals such as SXSW and ACL.

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Waterloo Greenway Conservancy, housed at the historic Symphony Square in Austin, Texas, is a collection of three historic buildings and an outdoor amphitheater on Waller Creek. Redesigned in 1971 to serve as the headquarters of the Austin Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Square was originally formed by four historic buildings: the Jeremiah Hamilton House, the New Orleans Club, the William P. Hardeman House, and the Michael Doyle House. In 2018, Waterloo Greenway Conservancy, a non-profit organization working to rehabilitate and develop the area along Waller Creek in downtown Austin, completed a comprehensive restoration of three buildings: New Orleans Club, Pavilion, and Hardeman House, all of which serve as the headquarters for the organization and the center for development along the creek.

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In the middle of historic downtown King Street, Charleston became home to YETI’s second retail store as the city shares a common passion for fishing and the outdoors. The personality of Charleston is intertwined with its strong coastal pastimes, adventurous disposition, and laid back attitude, which YETI has incorporated with its experiential interior design. This is highlighted through the store’s digital signage with the Ambassador wall and the YETI Presents screen, which creates an entertaining extension of YETI’s story for those who love the outdoors. As Charleston has a vibrant local community, YETI partnered with Werd to carefully design the space for its AV versatility to be able to host live music, film screenings, and private events.

YETI holds a strong vision of how the customer should experience their brand; not only from its daily operations, but also with its special events with the purpose to give back to the community. Werd specifically designed, integrated, and installed the audiovisual system with the objective to meet these needs, as well as providing continued maintenance and support through remote AV management and staffing for live events.

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Nestled in the Wicker Park neighborhood, YETI Chicago showcases an outdoor experience within the urban landscape and seeks to inspire all who crave adventure.

From the Ambassadors screens to the YETI Presents films, the digital signage facilitates an atmosphere for the consumers of exploration to tread back into nature. YETI also strives to uplift and work closely alongside the local community and deep-seated roots in Chicago. By reimagining the beloved and historic Double Door venue, the tradition of music will continue to reside within those walls as YETI partnered with Werd to create a space for live music. Chicago continues to be a major musical center, and that was kept at the forefront of the AV design.

Werd brought to fruition YETI's vision to design, integrate, install, and manage an AV system for their Chicago retail store. From staffing event techs for live events to remote oversight and maintenance, the system is not only designed for day to day retail needs, but it is also expandable and capable of powering private events, concerts, and screenings - all controlled with the touch of a tablet. The installed digital screens are capable of being managed remotely, allowing for quick and easy changes across the board by uploading, scheduling, and distributing content updates to the corresponding signage elements.

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